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  • Teachers' survey: EN SE 

  • Interim evaluation of the teachers involved in the DELA-NOBA project: EN


Teaching activities:

  • Students´activity evaluations (under 11): DK  EN  

  • Students´activity evaluations (older than 10): DK EN  

  • Teachers´activity evaluation: EN   

Research permit sheet: DK  EN

Language autobiography 

Click here to view the three parts that constitute the Language Autobiography and the activity "Presentation: Which languages have you been in contact with during your life?"

Workshops and Presentations 

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DELA-NOBA´s first workshop in Reykjavik, 14th-15th November, 2013

DELA-NOBA´s second workshop in Vilnius, 29th-30th September, 2014

Further participations 

Articles and abstracts

Click on links to view the project participants' articles and abstracts on the DELA-NOBA project:

First project results

Project Documents